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Stomach Reduction Methods 2023

Stomach Reduction Methods 2023
Stomach Reduction Methods 2023

Obesity , one of the problems of our age , is a disease characterized by abnormal adiposity. It can occur under the influence of genetic and environmental factors. Since obese people cannot lose weight easily, they may need to resort to medical methods. Patients who cannot find a solution with non-surgical obesity treatments such as diet and exercise may apply for stomach reduction surgery. You can find answers to frequently asked questions about stomach reduction methods in the continuation of our article.

What is Stomach Reduction Surgery?

There are various applications in bariatric surgery. These applications are basically divided into two groups. In the first group, there are restrictive stomach reduction surgeries that aim to reduce the amount of food that will enter the stomach. In the second group, there are malabsorption surgeries aimed at reducing the absorption of nutrients. Gastric by-pass surgery , which is one of the malabsorption methods,   both reduces the stomach size and prevents a part of the intestine from taking part in the digestive system.

Stomach reduction surgeries can be performed using various surgical methods. The main principle in stomach reduction surgery is to reduce the volume of the stomach. Thus, the amount of food to be taken into the stomach is limited and weight loss can be supported. With gastric tube surgery, a certain part of the stomach is removed and the stomach is reduced. Thus, as the stomach volume decreases, the patient’s amount of food may also decrease. In addition, since the level of a hormone called Ghrelin, which is secreted in the removed part of the stomach, will decrease, a decrease in appetite may occur.

With gastric band surgery, a cuff that can be expanded and narrowed is attached around the stomach. Thanks to this clamp, since the stomach will experience an hourglass-shaped narrowing, there will be a decrease in the food intake into the stomach. In gastric folding surgery, the holes opened on the stomach surface are folded on themselves and stitched and the stomach is reduced. A gastric balloon is an air or liquid filled balloon placed in the stomach. As a result of all gastric reduction surgery methods, a reduction in stomach volume may occur.

Since gastric surgeries   are closed surgical methods applied laparoscopically , there may be a long recovery period. The more the doctor’s recommendations are followed before and after the surgery, the shorter and more successful the treatment process can be. It is important to comply with the nutrition program prepared by the dietitian after the surgery and the exercise programs that are requested to be applied with the recommendation of the physiotherapist.

What are the Stomach Reduction Methods?

Surgical applications used in the treatment of obesity include stomach reduction methods. As gastric reduction methods, applications such as  sleeve gastrectomy  (tube stomach surgery), stomach clamp surgery, stomach folding surgery, gastric balloon can be performed. In all of these surgeries, it is aimed to reduce the stomach volume. Thus, the amount of food that can enter the stomach can be reduced, helping to lose weight.

How Is Stomach Surgery Applied?

Gastric reduction surgeries, which can be applied in the treatment of uncontrollable obesity, should be performed by a specialist surgeon in a hospital environment where all branches are present. The doctor should be examined and prepared for the surgery according to the results of the analyzes and tests. A special diet program should be started before the operation. Gastric surgery is performed under general anesthesia. Since it is a closed method, it can be performed without incision in the muscles on the stomach. According to the surgical method used, a certain part of the stomach is removed. Gastric sleeve surgery During the operation, the stomach can be turned into a small tube and the stomach contents can be reduced. Thus, the patient can feel full by eating less. After the surgery, nutrition with liquid and soft foods is provided. For this reason, the patient should be kept under control in the hospital for a few days in order to control the sugar level.

How Is Stomach Surgery Applied?
How Is Stomach Surgery Applied?

How Long Does Stomach Reduction Surgery Take?

Since stomach reduction surgeries involve various methods, the duration of the procedure may vary depending on the method applied. In addition, the obesity level of the person and the effect of general anesthesia are effective on the duration of the operation. Gastric reduction surgery can be completed within a few hours unless a complication develops during the surgery.

What Should Be Considered After Gastric Reduction Surgery?

After stomach reduction surgery, the doctor’s recommendations must be strictly followed. After being discharged from the hospital, it is necessary to be as mobile as possible. However, heavy physical activities should be avoided until the doctor gives approval. Vitamin and nutritional supplements can be taken as recommended. Extreme cold and hot environments should not be entered for a while.

When Is Weight Loss After Stomach Reduction Surgery?

In the first few months after stomach reduction surgery, weight loss can be started quickly with an appropriate nutrition program. However, it is important for health not to interrupt the tests and controls while losing weight fast.

Is having stomach surgery an obstacle to doing sports?

A few months after stomach surgery, you can start doing sports with the doctor’s recommendation. In the first months, sports can be harmful because the body is not in order. For this reason, it is appropriate to do sports with the support of a specialist at the time recommended by the doctor. At first, heavy exercises should be avoided and sports should be done in the amount recommended by the physician. Light sports such as walking, fitness, swimming can be applied. Thanks to sports, both a fit body can be achieved and the healing process can be accelerated.

At What Ages Can Gastric Reduction Surgery Be Applied?

Gastric reduction surgeries can be performed at any age. However, a doctor’s approval is required for individuals younger than eighteen or older than sixty-five. The Body Mass Index (BMI) of the people is calculated and if there is no health problem that will prevent surgery, stomach reduction surgery can be applied.

Who Can Have Stomach Surgery?

A team of doctors, dieticians, physiotherapists and psychologists decides who can have gastric surgery as a result of examinations and analyzes. The Body Mass Index value is effective in this decision. Obese people who cannot lose weight with non-surgical methods may be suitable for gastric surgery. In addition, if there are problems such as diabetes, blood pressure, liver disease due to obesity, it may become necessary to perform these surgeries.

Who Can Have Stomach Surgery?
Who Can Have Stomach Surgery?

Is Hospitalization Required After Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

Since sleeve gastrectomy surgery is a surgical procedure and is performed under general anesthesia, the patient must stay in the hospital for a certain period of time. If the patient is not kept under control, postoperative side effects may develop. After the analysis, the patient can be discharged when the body values ​​are in order.

Misconceptions About Stomach Reduction Methods

  • Since stomach reduction surgery is not an open method, large incisions are not made in the muscle tissues. Very small incisions are made with robotic procedures. Therefore, postoperative pain can be expected to be mild.
  • Since very small incisions are made on the skin during stomach reduction methods, small scars may remain after the surgery. However, after a while, these scars become completely invisible.
  • If care is not taken after the surgery, if the doctor’s controls are disrupted, weight can be regained after the stomach reduction operation.

Gastric Surgery Prices 2022

Gastric surgery prices are determined according to the patient’s obesity level, body structure, the type of surgery performed, the quality of the hospital where the surgery is performed, and the surgeon’s experience. Gastric reduction surgeries should be performed in the operating rooms of hospitals that include all medical branches. If you are also suffering from obesity, you can make an appointment with specialist doctors to get clear information about stomach reduction methods and prices.

Stomach Reduction Methods 2023
Stomach Reduction Methods 2023

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