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What is acromegaly?

What is acromegaly?

It is the enlargement of the ends as a result of excessive secretion of growth hormone due to eosinophilic adenoma in the anterior pituitary lobe.

Acromegaly signs and symptoms

  • Headache
  • Enlargement of hands, feet (glove and shoe size growth)
  • Enlargement of the nose, forward growth of the lower jaw
  • growth of the tongue
  • growth of internal organs
  • Excessive sweating, fatigue
  • Thinning of the teeth, thickening of the lips
  • Skin thickening, lubrication and small nodules
  • hoarseness
  • double vision,
  • Menstrual cessation in women, sexual reluctance
  • Chest anterior-posterior enlargement
  • Hormonal disorders such as goiter, diabetes, milk coming from the breasts in advanced cases

Causes of acromegaly

Benign tumor of anterior pituitary lobe

Studies for the diagnosis of acromegaly

  • Growth hormone (increases) in serum
  • Inorganic phosphorus in serum (increases)
  • Insulin-resistant rise in blood sugar and sugar in the urine
  • Increased calcium in the urine (Hypercalciuria)
  • Sella graphy: enlargement of the sella
  • Spine X-ray: Vertebral growth and osteophyte formation, dorsal kyphosis
  • Changes in hand and foot radiographs
  • Eye exam: narrowing of the visual field
  • The location and size of the tumor can be determined by computed tomography.

Acromegaly treatment

  • Bromocriptine (reduces growth hormone level to normal in acromegaly)
  • Surgical treatment: If there is significant suprasellar tumor growth, the tumor is removed by transfrontal surgery, and if the tumor is intrasellar, by transphenoidal surgery.
  • Radiotherapy: A radioactive core is placed in the pituitary or external radiotherapy can be applied. It is not as effective as surgery and does not respond quickly.

Situations in which you should consult a doctor

Consult your doctor if you suspect the symptoms of this disease.

Relevant specialization(s)

  • Internal medicine – Endocrinology
  • Brain and Nerve Surgery

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