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World Obesity Ranking 2023

World Obesity Ranking 2023
World Obesity Ranking

Obesity is a common and increasing public health problem worldwide. Although obesity itself is a health problem, there are many health problems related to obesity. Looking at the world in general, it is seen that the number of obese people in some countries is higher than in other countries. Today, there are many scientific studies investigating the cause of this situation. So, which countries are in the first place when the world obesity ranking is examined? What is the reason for the high number of obese people in these countries? You can review the rest of our article for answers to all questions.

What is Obesity? What are the Causes?

With the effect of rapid developments in the field of technology, people’s lifestyles have been changing rapidly in recent years. Although there are many positive reflections of this situation, the change in people’s eating habits, the increase in the time spent in closed places, the decrease in physical activity and accordingly the increase in health problems such as obesity. In the shortest definition of obesity ; is the excess amount of fat in a person’s body. World Health Organization obesity; defines it as a health problem that develops as a result of abnormal and excessive fat accumulation that can impair human health. In the diagnosis of obesity, BMI ( Body Mass Index )calculation is used. According to this calculation made by looking at the person’s weight and height, people with a BMI of 25 and above are defined as obese.

Many physical or environmental factors can cause obesity. When scientific studies are examined, irregular and unhealthy eating habits are the main cause of obesity. The human body needs physical activity in order to spend the energy it receives from food. If the energy taken is more than the energy spent, it can cause weight gain. If there is not enough physical activity, especially those who are fed with foods with unhealthy fat and sugar content, the fat and sugar taken from the foods are stored as fat in the body. In other words, one of the causes of obesity is lack of physical activity. Obesity may not always be caused by environmental factors. Sometimes obesity can be seen due to genetic factors. In addition, hormonal problems such as thyroid gland diseases can also cause obesity.

World Obesity Ranking

Obesity is a health problem seen all over the world. However, in some societies the number of obese people is much higher than in others. There could be many reasons for this. When the data of health institutions and organizations that conduct various researches on obesity are examined, it is seen that Nauru is in the first place in the obesity ranking worldwide. When the data published by the World Health Organization in 2020 are examined, it is seen that approximately 61% of adults living in Nauru are affected by obesity. Vietnam is at the bottom of the list of obesity countries with a rate of approximately 2.1%. So why is obesity more common in some countries?

Malnutrition May Affect Obesity Rankings

According to experts, the main reason why people living in some countries are more prone to obesity is; nutritional habits. For example; When the nutritional habits of the people living in Naura are examined, rice, pasta, canned foods and sugary drinks draw attention. In other words, the people of the region generally prefer foods high in sugar and carbohydrates in their meals. When the lack of physical activity is added to this situation, obesity becomes inevitable. However, the food preferences of the people of the region are not always their own preferences. According to scientific studies, the fact that the country is economically behind makes it difficult to reach healthy food. This is also true for the Cook Islands, which ranks second in the world obesity ranking list.

Access to Healthy Food is Decisive in Obesity Country Ranking

People living in these regions are more accustomed to eating unhealthy foods because they have difficulty in reaching healthy foods such as vegetables and fruits. Bad eating habits acquired in childhood continue in later years of life. This situation also increases the risk of serious health problems due to obesity in people living in these regions. For example; In scientific studies, approximately 40% of the people of Nauru have health problems such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, kidney disease and hypertension. In these countries, obesity is a condition that threatens the health of not only adults but also children.

Obesity Country Ranking

For those wondering about the place of other countries in the world obesity ranking, the obesity country ranking is as follows:

1. Nauru

2.Cook Islands


4. Marshall Islands

5. Tuvalu

6. Niue

7. Arrived

8. Samoa

9. Kiribati

10. Micronesia

11. Kuwait

12. United States

13. Jordan

14. Saudi Arabia

15. Qatar

16. Libya

17. Turkey…

Among OECD countries, America ranks 12th and Turkey 17th, and ranks first in the world obesity rankings. According to some studies, the main reason for the prevalence of obesity in America is; are high-calorie foods and ready-made snacks. In addition, the lack of physical activity increases the risk of obesity in the region. When we look at the dietary habits of the Vietnamese people, it is seen that rice is in the first place as in Nauru. However, the main difference here is considered to be that Vietnamese people steam rice. In addition, people in Vietnam pay attention to a diet rich in vegetables, fruits and protein in their meals.

Turkey Ranks 17th in the World Obesity Ranking

According to the world obesity ranking reports published by the World Health Organization in 2020, Turkey ranks 17th among the countries where obesity is common in the world. According to the Turkey Nutrition and Health Survey-2010 report prepared by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey, the prevalence of obesity in Turkey is 20.5% in men, 41% in women, and 30.3% in the total population.

The Province with the Most Obesity in Turkey: İstanbul

Considering the prevalence of obesity among provinces, Istanbul ranks first as the province with the highest prevalence of obesity in the data of the Ministry of Health. In recent years, there has been a remarkable increase in the problem of obesity in both children and adults in Turkey. Some studies show socio-economic reasons as the reason for this situation. According to these studies, as the economic situation of people in developed countries improves, access to healthy food becomes easier and the risk of obesity is minimized. However, in developing countries such as Turkey, the opposite may be true.

Attention to Obesity Since Childhood

People with financial means may feel the need to eat more than they normally should, while the amount of energy they take increases, while the amount of energy they spend may decrease due to lack of physical activity. However, the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey is taking important steps in the fight against obesity. In addition to school-age children, adults are also informed about obesity and regular trainings are provided. In addition, all segments of the population are encouraged to be physically active. Today, obesity is a serious health problem that is seen as a global epidemic. However, obesity can be treated after determining the factor that causes obesity. Untreated obesity can cause serious health problems, especially cardiovascular diseases, in the future.

In our hospitals, it is applied by the staff of specialists in the field of surgical and non-surgical obesity treatment. You can also apply to our clinics to get detailed information about obesity treatment. We wish you healthy days.

World Obesity Ranking
World Obesity Ranking

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